(New) Cars 3 Movie Poster

A new poster for the upcoming 2017 film, Cars 3 has been released. Looking sweet with Lightning McQueen doing some sweet, upside down driving action. You go Lightning McQueen!


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Amazon – Three Industries They’ll Soon Be Competing In

Amazon is one of the largest, money making machines in the world. They’re without a doubt a force to be reckoned. If you don’t reckon them, then they could quite possibly wreck you. That is if your company is trying to compete with the Seattle (you know how Seattle does) based giant. The obvious industry you’ll get crushed in against Amazon is e-commerce, a lot of website operators and companies go to Amazon for their cloud storage service (accessible at their Amazon Web Services page). And now they’re pretty much breaking the artificial assistance industry with Alexa in their Amazon Echo gadget. What a powerhouse Amazon is…

Obviously Amazon is going places, from commerce to file storage to any one of their many gadgets, where else are they going? when will they stop? who will be able to stop them? I can’t answer a couple of those questions, but I do have some insight into some of what Amazon is up to and what’s on their agenda. Here are three industries Amazon will soon be a competitor (and by competitor I mean most likely a game changer) in.

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Top 12 Local Business Listing Directories You’d Have To Hate Money Not To Use

Tier 1 Local Business Directories

These are the five local business directories that you most definitely want to be on. So be sure to submit your local business and it’s information to these. IF you don’t, you’re sure to lose not just one, but a number of customers. All because your local business isn’t listed on these insanely popular business directories that focuses on the local niche of marketing. And I threw BBB (Better Business Bureau) just for good measure. If you’re listed and reputable on BBB’s website you get those extra trust points. And that’s always good for business.


  1. Google My Business
  2. Bing Places
  3. Yelp
  4. Better Business Bureau
  5. Angie’s List

And these local listing brands still have a large influence on local businesses.

Keep reading to see who still have a large local influence and who else you really need to submit your business URL to as well. 

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Submit URLs to these Top Authority Web Link Directories for an SEO Boost

If you aren’t making use of authoritative web directories and submitting URLs to them, you aren’t doing your SEO properly. Yes, in 2016 link directories still have authority in Google’s SERP algorithm.

Submit URLs should be a priority in the daily SEO grind.

If it isn’t, you’re gonna have a bad time. When you submit URLs to high authority, high traffic, and high page rank web-link directories, you’re telling Google to give you an SEO boost (how much of a boost depends on a number of factors) which might be the nudge you need to get that sweet #1 rank in the results page.

Keep reading this bad boy to find out more and see what link directories you should be focusing on.

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Top 5 Free Email Service Providers

Are you looking somewhere you can sign up for a free email account? Look no further because you hit the jackpot. Below is a list of the top email providers the internet has to offer. These email providers are not only the best of their class, but also 100% free. No credit card or money required. So sit back and hope we made finding a free email service easier.

The best email account service provider is Gmail, of course.

Honestly I’m not trying to hide it, or give it a big reveal, mainly because everyone and their pets all have a Gmail account and because i went 1 to 5 not 5 to 1. But if you’re looking for a no bologna answer and don’t care about the other four, the safest bet is going withe Big Daddy, Google. Get an email account @ http://gmail.com.

Which email service do you prefer? Cast a vote, let your voice be heard.

Now… onto the list, without further ado, i give you…

The Best Free Email Account Service Providers

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